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The common rodent pests in our area are the house mouse, roof rat (or black rat), and the Norway rat (or brown rat). At PRIZM IPM Solutions, LLC, we know the damage rodents can cause, from chewing electrical wires to contaminating our food and environment. Contact us today for a

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Rodents are also a vector for many allergens, viruses, and diseases. Their droppings and urine deposits, bacteria, and viruses associated with them, as well as the fleas and other parasites found living with them are all associated with these many health concerns.


Integrated Pest Management solutions work best when dealing with rodent infestations. At the earliest signs of an infestation contact PRIZM IPM Solutions, LLC to quickly eliminate the issue, and then to provide any clean-up or decontamination services needed, as well as the preventative steps required to “Keep them out!!!"

Health concerns

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"Thank you Bill. I am impressed with your work. What you do makes so much more sense than the stop-gap measures of perimeter spraying. We have had the problems in the past, and it seems to reappear every summer. Our tenant has a small dog and a small child and I certainly don't want any pests on our property. Keep it up!!! Thanks again"


- Ruth Howland, Principal Broker Howland Properties

Rodents are among the most successful of all mammals, making up about 43% of all known species. Here in the northwest, we commonly deal with three “commensal” rodents…the house mouse, the Norway rat, and the roof rat. Although other species can be found from time to time, these three account for the majority of infestations that we are called upon to deal with.


The word “commensal” refers to the fact that these rodents “live with man” and/or “share one’s table”. In other words, they are all very well suited to living with or in close proximity to man. They negatively impact our food supply, health, possessions, safety, comfort and even our structures. A rodent’s habit of constantly gnawing causes obvious damage, but they also chew through electrical wires which is a known cause of many house fires.