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There are a number of insect pests that are commonly found here in the northwest and in this age of international travel, we are finding that it is not unusual to find exotic or invasive insect species here as well. Our experience tells us to “expect the unexpected”!


For these reasons, it is important that each and every insect infestation is treated differently, and that each occurrence is investigated thoroughly, and identified properly, so that the appropriate treatment measures can be implemented.

Expect the unexpected when it comes to bugs!

At PRIZM IPM Solutions, LLC, we have over 30 years of experience dealing with these many pest challenges, and we are uniquely qualified to offer the professional assistance that is needed to protect your home, your business and the quality reputation that you have built.


Then, once we have investigated and identified the situation, we design an integrated treatment plan that best suits your unique situation. Use the links found on our RESOURCES page to find information on specific insect pests.

Over 30 years' experience

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"I was very happy with the care and attention that Bill showed in dealing with my ant infestation. In addition, he was very empathetic regarding the concerns I had for my dog, Annie, as he respectfully and patiently addressed all of my concerns and answered all of my questions"

- Mrs. Susan Tiffany - McMinnville, OR

Insects play a critical role in our ecosystem. However, when they invade your home or place of business, they become pests. The trained and certified professionals at PRIZM IPM Solutions, LLC can help to return the balance of nature, while providing you with peace of mind at the same time.